Basic Zombie2

The Zombie is the main zombie in Plants VS Zombies 2: Its About Time. It can't really hurt your plants too much.


There are four different variations of the regular zombie: the Basic Zombie, the Mummy Zombie, the Pirate Zombie, and the Cowboy Zombie. All types (except for the Cowboy Zombie) absorb 10 normal damage shots and their appearances change upon an absorption of 5 normal damage shots when the left arm falls off before dying when their heads fall off upon an absorption of 10 normal damage shots. The Cowboy Zombie's hat falls off after 2 hits, and the arm after another 3.


In this game, normal zombie only appears in first four levels. However, it has some variants in different areas. Mummy Zombie in Ancient Egypt, Pirate Zombie in Pirate Seas and Cowboy Zombie in Wild West. Its health and speed keep the same as Plants vs. Zombies's.